A New York Cognitive Foundation School Program



An intensive "Brain Boost Induction Method" that stimulates thinking and creativity while expanding upon the child's present understanding of his / her environment through cognitive enhancing venues such as music, the arts, cognitively modified games, cognitive stimulating movies and other multi-media exposure.

The Summer Camp day is divided into three basic parts:
a.  Academics

b.  Cognitive Activities / Projects

c.  Cognitive Enhanced Play

Our Queens Village School has a 15 X 24 decked pool with our first aid qualified instructors as lifeguards which forms an integral part of our summer program.  

The 2008 Camp Program has three camp group segments:
          Group One:
July 7th - 18th
          Group Two: July 21st - Aug. 1st
          Group Three: Aug. 3rd - 15th
& Our Annual Full Summer Camp Graduation Picnic
          on Saturday, Aug 16th

We can accept only a limited number of students/campers at this time.  It is necessary to register as soon as possible in order to ensure placement for your child.  Our registration is open from January 2nd through June 20th.  We ask that you register early and begin our monthly payment program in order to make the participation of your children in our special and exclusive program as financially viable as possible.